Scarecrow Trail Map – 2024

Purchase your Scarecrow Trail map online to seek out all the amazing book-themed scarecrows around Coggeshall. This is a charity event so we would ask that you don’t share the map with anyone else. Also, as we are selling it online we incur a small processing fee so while the price is £2, you can pay whatever you would like. If you paid £2.50, this would cover that fee.

Once you have entered your card details and purchased the map, it will be available to download on the following screen. If you have any issues, please get in touch with [email protected].

The map includes voting details on the back – if you are unable to print it, You can still write down which scarecrows you would like to vote for on a piece of paper, and drop this off at the library.

Suggested price: £2.50

Minimum price: £2.00