About FOSP

St Peter’s School PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) is a charity run by volunteer parents and friends of the school.

We are here to raise funds to help and support our children at St Peter’s School. Some of the things we raise money for are essential equipment for teaching and learning, and those special ‘extras’ that add to the children’s overall school experience – like pantomimes, visits from Father Christmas and farewell gifts for year six leavers.

We host annual events like an inflatables day in the summer, end of term discos, Coggeshall Firework Display in November and other fundraising projects like a Scarecrow Trail, 5p challenge and Upside-Down Day.

The PTA relies of the kindness of people helping and joining in, we are always looking for new ideas and volunteers. If you would like to get involved, even for a short while, please contact us.

Find out more about some of the easy ways you can support us:

Charity number: 295721