We have a long list of events planned for the year and while some of the dates for these may change, we hope to carry them all out to help reach our goal of £20,000 for the year:

We are always in need of volunteers. If you can sign up, even for 45 minutes to help sell tickets, put up posters or wrap presents for a gift stall, that would mean we can continue to put on events and raise money for the school.

Over the past few months we have struggled to find volunteers for events, and this has meant certain aspects of them have had to be cancelled or cut back. As a result, we are trying something new where those who volunteer get credits in return. Those credits can be exchanged for perks – we are still looking at what these might be, but it could be first pick of seats at the Easter or Summer performances. Or perhaps skipping the queue on sports day. It could even be some extra time for your children on the inflatables at Inflatables Day, once it has closed to everyone else. We will be using the volunteer sign-up system we have used for the past few events and assigning credits to each volunteering spot so please make sure you add your email and then we can get in touch to arrange how you might want to use those credits!

Spring and Summer Term events

Summer term

  • Spare change challenge – 16th – 26th April
  • Summer disco – 26th April – sign up to volunteer here
  • Non-uniform day – 10th May
  • Inflatables Day – 19th May
  • Scarecrow Trail –  25th May – 2nd June
  • Father’s Day stall – 3rd – 7th June
  • Sports day – June/July

If you want to get involved in any of these events, then just get in touch. It might be you help run the bar for an hour at Inflatables Day, support the Father’s Day stall for one lunchtime in school, or put up some posters to advertise the Scarecrow Trail.

With future events, we are always looking for support in having prizes donated, match funding or time actually organising or setting up an event.  You don’t have to be on the committee to help and you won’t even need to attend any meetings if you don’t want to!