Kerrie Brinkley-Whittington


Alex Dey

Vice Chair

My role as vice-chair is to be the go-to contact for people in and out of the committee. I have general oversight of FOSP events, lead on Fireworks and generally have my fingers in lots of pies!

Hayley Storey


I am responsible for keeping the cash books, making payments, banking, preparing and submitting year-end accounts, controlling the school spend requests and more.

Tim Reed


Along with Hayley, I support the committee with its finances and am leading on managing the very popular 100 club.

Holly Thompson


I have two sons at St Peter’s and support Hayley with finances and the wider committee where I can.

Mel Fairbairn

Committee Officer

I have 3 children. 2 in the juniors, the 3rd has also gone through St Peter’s. I try to help out at a few events throughout the year.

Anna Appleton-Claydon

Secretary & digital support

My eldest son is in year 2 and loves St Peter’s! I run a digital agency with my husband and first got involved in FOSP when I offered to create this website. Now I am Secretary and provide other digital support, such as facilitating cashless payments at events.

Katy Denny

Publicity Officer

I have a child in year 3 and I help out where I can with events and general committee support.

Andy Tanfield

Committee Officer - bar support

I am a Dad of 3 kids, 2 of whom are still at St Peter’s and the other is now at Honywood. I have been an active member of FOSP for 7 years including a stint as Chair. I strongly believe that we need to give our kids the best possible education and experiences and FOSP help to achieve this with the additional funding we give to the school.

Emma Gabara

Committee Officer

Donna Breese

Committee Officer

I was previously one of the treasurers but now am focused on supporting the new treasurers and providing whatever help the committee needs.